Statement of Core Beliefs

  • Menopause is a natural event.
  • There is a big gap in a woman’s life, between 45 and 60 years of age, during which there is virtually no supporting program for her.
  • Physical symptoms are always real.
  • We hope no one has to suffer in silence. Our ears are open to you.
  • Certain diseases, best treated by prevention, occur more often after menopause.
  • Informed decision-making is as vital in medical treatment as in surgical treatment.
  • Women are in charge of their lives; Second opinions are always an option.
  • People have a right to change their minds regarding treatment.
  • The “Correct” treatment varies from person to person, and may change over time.
  • We all have the same amount of time; yours is as valuable as ours is.
  • A team of caregivers is essential to provide the best care.