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We understand that living with a bladder control issue is not easy.  Many of our patients tell us that they have a constant worry of having an embarrassing accident. For some of them, oral medications were not effective or had unpleasant side effects.

While there is no single solution for every woman with a bladder control issue, there is a treatment option that can be very effective in relieving urinary and bowel control symptoms.  Bladder control issues are often caused by lack of communication between the brain and the bladder.  The InterStim® can “jump start” the signals traveling along the nerves to your bladder, and help restore normal bladder function.  InterStim® involves surgically implanting a small neurostimulator device and a lead, which delivers gentle stimulation to the sacral nerve (very much like a pacemaker does for a heart).

Common bladder control issues that can be treated with InterStim® include:

  • Overactive Bladder (OAB)
  • Urinary Frequency and Urgency
  • Urge Incontinence
  • Urinary Retention

At Nashville Gynecology Center, we start by evaluating our patients to determine if InterStim® is a likely solution for them by performing a trial period.  This trial is referred to as the Percutaneous Nerve Evaluation (PNE).  This is a minimally invasive procedure which is performed in our office under local anesthesia.  Dr. Gurley places two temporary leads through a pinpoint opening in your sacrum.  Once the leads are positioned, stimulation is delivered to the sacral nerve as you go about your day.  You will return to the clinic approximately one week later to remove these leads.  If your symptoms improve significantly, the InterStim® treatment option may be right for you.

If you are struggling with bladder control issues and oral medication have not helped, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gurley today.  You may also visit the Medtronic website to learn more about the InterStim® system and how it works.