The Office of Larry D. Gurley, M.D. welcomes you to our site. We appreciate the chance to describe our services and practice philosophy. Our concept is to offer the benefits of a team approach to medical practice. Appropriate clinical services may be provided by a Board-certified Physician or a Certified Nurse Practitioner. This approach acknowledges the value of all members of the practice team. Medical care is improved by the experience and talents of each member of our staff.


Fibroids & Bleeding Problems

Heavy menstrual bleeding is a common problem that causes loss of life pleasure. Dr. Larry Gurley is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of fibroids and other bleeding problems.

Endometrial Ablation

Endometrial Ablation is a good option for women who have problems with menstrual flow without severe pain. Learn about various options we offer for this procedure and how it can benefit you.

Menopause Treatment

Think you might be going through Menopause? Visit our FAQs page to learn more about the symptoms and treatment options.